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supporting and resourcing spiritual directors

promoting and protecting good practice

advocating and encouraging creative development

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Join the dance …

… at the launch

of the

Spiritual Direction Forum UK  

We’ll tell our story so far, celebrate who we are now – including you! – share and pray for the emerging vision, with liturgy and small group sharing.

Saturday 14 May 10am – 1pm. 

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Our core vision is to be in step with the dance of the Trinity in the world. We desire

  • to support and resource spiritual directors
  • to promote and protect good practice
  • to advocate and encourage the creative development of this ministry within the church and in a changing world. 

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Forum life and news...

Shaping The Emerging Forum

Wednesday 30 June 6pm – 8pm 

This event looked together at
Implementing the vision
Exploring priorities
Naming concerns
Offering suggestions

Over 120 people joined this evening session to hear more of the areas for development of the Forum’s life and to participate in the discerning of priorities.

You can watch the video of the first half of the evening here.

Potter shaping a bowl

The Forum Happens!

Saturday 30 January 2021 saw an online gathering of over 120 people drawn together and experience ‘Forum’.

Members of the initiating group, (Julie Dunstan, Alison McTear, Chris Chapman, John-Francis Friendship and Nick Helm) shared something of their journey and interest in working to this initiative. Everyone had time in small groups. The Vision Statement (see below) was shared, and then reflected on in small groups. The feedback from the groups was shared on zoom chat and some observations made by the group. There was plenty of energy and enthusiasm, along with helpful questions and ideas. 

Vision Statement for the National Forum for Spiritual Direction UK

This statement came from a discerning process undertaken by the initiating group. This included a consultation with over 170 spiritual directors from all over the country who after prayerful reflection contributed their feedback. This was compiled into 72 page document. The group reflected and prayed with this, seeking to listen to all that was shared and draw together a vision statement. This vision statement comprises three sections:

  • Vision – the aim and purpose of the Forum
  • Values / Way – the values and ways in which it seeks to be
  • Mission – the actions that are needed in the first instance in order to begin to work to the aim and purpose. 

You can read it here or download a printable version here or watch a brief introduction to the vision…

Next steps…

Clearly there is work to be done in bringing together a core committee and the sub-groups. 

The initiating group will be reflecting on the feedback to the vision statement and on bringing these groups into being. 

Prayer for the Forum

Creator God, giver of all good things;
provide for us as we support and resource each other.
Jesus, incarnate, embodied;
enable us as we model and promote good practice.  
Holy Spirit, breathing life into the world;
inspire us as we advocate and encourage creative ministry.  
In all things, God, animate our vision with your desire.


Updated 23 June 2021