Vision Statement for the Spiritual Direction Forum UK

This statement came from a discerning process undertaken by the initiating group. This included a consultation with over 170 spiritual directors from all over the country who after prayerful reflection contributed their feedback. This was compiled into 72 page document. The group reflected and prayed with this, seeking to listen to all that was shared and draw together a vision statement. This vision statement comprises three sections:

Small Forum Logo

  • Vision – the aim and purpose of the Forum
  • Values / Way – the values and ways in which it seeks to be
  • Mission – the actions that are needed in the first instance in order to begin to work to the aim and purpose. 

You can download a printable version here, or read it below. 

The video below has members of the initiating group discussing the three aspects of the vision. 


We desire

  • to support and resource spiritual directors
  • to promote and protect good practice 
  • to advocate and encourage the creative development of this ministry within the church and in a changing world. 


In the same spirit in which Spiritual Direction is conducted, we will endeavour to:

  • be a ‘common table’ through dialogue and hospitality
  • be led by the Spirit, in prayer and discernment
  • be theologically reflective
  • act with wisdom and humility
  • be exploratory and collaborative
  • be responsive and gracious
  • be inclusive and ecumenical
  • be appropriately professional and not professionalised
  • promote equality and respect for all
  • maintain openness and transparency
  • build things organically, being both adventurous and realistic
  • use simple communicative processes


Create a Core Committee

    •  with wide representation and a time-limited period of office.
    • responsible for developing sustainable structures and processes for the initial and ongoing work of the forum.
    • focussing on the following aspects:
      • Vision
      • Communications including website, social media, mailings, newsletters etc
      • Co-ordination of the work of the sub-groups
      • Finance & Administration including membership and fundraising

Create three working groups to represent the three faces of the forum

1. To support and resource spiritual directors by

        • developing ways to come together to encourage, listen and discern; by zoom gatherings, national conferences, regional meetings
        • gathering and shareing wisdom and inspiration by newsletters, websites, social media

2. To promote and protect good practice by

        • an ongoing articulation of a shared understanding of  good practice
        • involving networks, training courses, relevant organisations
        • producing clear guidelines and resources 
        • establishing an ongoing process for developing these over time
        • inviting ongoing discussion and development
        • commending good practice to practitioners

3. To advocate and encourage the creative development of this ministry within the church and in a changing world by 

        • To advocate and encourage the creative development of this ministry in a changing world by 
        • Embracing the wisdom of the Christian tradition and learning from all people’s lived experience both in the church and in society. 
        • Understanding and supporting the prophetic and contemplative dimensions of our ministry.
        • Fostering contexts for creative conversations about spiritual direction in the 21st c.
        • Exploring and encouraging a diverse range of ways and places to bring the wisdom of spiritual direction to the wider world.
        • Promoting awareness of the value of spiritual direction amongst those involved in church leadership and resourcing them to signpost their communities towards engagement in this practice.